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On going Schemes under Augmenting Chennai City Water Supply.

  1. Formation of a new reservoir near Kannankottai  and Thervaikandigai villages

G.O. for Administrative Sanction for Rs.330 crore accorded on 24.01.12.

  1. Additional storage gained    :    1.0 T.M.C.ft  
  2. Additional storage will serve 30 days of drinking water supply to Chennai City.
  3. Scope of Work   
      1. Formation of Bund 7.15 km and Surplus weir
      2. Excavation of off take canal (10.150 km)
        Present Stage
  1. Environmental Clearance from Government of India
    1. Proposal sent.
    2. Clearance issued by Government of India stating that Project does not require their clearance.
    3. Tenders under scrutiny.
    4. Period of contract – 24 Months.
    5. Probable date of completion – 31.05.2015.

Status of Land Acquisition

  1. Total land required for the Scheme         -       1495.00 Acres
      1. Poramboke lands                 -       633.67 Acres
      2. Patta lands                        -       806.73 Acres
      3. Reserve Forest                    -         54.60 Acres
  1. Enter upon permission for 70.11 Acres of Poramboke lands obtained.
  2. Proposal seeking Enter upon permission for 545.3 Acres of Poramboke lands is in process.

Status of Land Acquisition

  1. Action to acquire 806.73 Acres of Patta lands under urgency clause of Land Acquisition Act, 1894 is being processed.
  2. Simultaneously private negotiations started.
  3. DRO and 4 Tahsildars Special LA team formed.
  4. LA proposal for 168.51 acres is under process.
  5. Land Plan schedule for acquisition of Land has been sent to Collector, Thiruvallur. 
  6. Creation of additional water storage capacity in four tanks
  1. Government order for Administrative Sanction for Rs.130 crore accorded on 20.12.11.








Work completed

Height of Weir raised by 1 ft.


Porur Tank

Work in progress

Additional  storage             (0.024 T.M.Cft )


Nemam and Ayanambakkam

Work in progress

Additional storage            (0.344 T.M.Cft )


1. Creation of additional storage in Cholavaram tank

Text Box: Cost of work: Rs. 50 lakh  Additional storage to be created : 0.20 T.M.Cft.   


  1. Creation of additional water storage capacity in Porur Tank

2. Creation of additional water storage capacity in Porur Tank
          Cost of Improvement work – Rs.20 crore

  1. Preliminary work in progress.
  2. Scope of work-
    1. Strengthening Bund & formation of Road.
    2. Desilting of tank & Thanthikal Channel.
    3. Fencing of the Fore shore boundary.
    4. Additional storage to be gained  : 0.024 T.M.C.ft

3. Creation of additional water storage capacity in  Nemam and Ayanambakkam tanks.
Cost of Improvement work – Rs.79.50 crore
                  Preliminary work in progress.

  1. Scope of work:         
  2. Strengthening Weir with skin wall.
  3. Raising Weir by 30 cm.
  4. Strengthening the bund
  5. Reconstruction of dilapidated regulator.
  6. Additional storage gained : 0.344 T.M.C.ft.

Improvements to the Ayanambakkam tank


Improvements to Nemam tank



  1. Construction of Check dam across Kosasthalayar river at  Thirukandalam village in Tiruvallur district


  1. Government order for Administrative Sanction for Rs.35 crore accorded on 30.10.2012.

  1. To augment drinking water supply by 0.16 T.M.C.ft (160 M.C.ft)  to local area nearby Thirukandalam village in Tiruvallur District.
  2. To recharge the Ground water in and around 3 km radius.
  3. Work to be started during          May 2013.
  1. Length of the Check Dam 175 m
  2. Height of Check Dam 5.50 m from existing bed level
  3. Flood Bank 8700 m


IV) Restoration of Water-bodies in Chennai & adjoining area

  1. Restoring Water-bodies in and around Chennai.
  2. In the first phase, proposed to desilt and rehabilitate Ambattur, Korattur and Madhavaram tanks at a cost of
    Rs 106.49 crore.
  3. Since the Pollution level in these tanks is high, the proposal for taking up these work for augmentation of water supply for Chennai City dropped.
  4. However, to augment the present Ground water potential, rehabilitation of these tanks as artificial recharge structures is proposed to be taken up.
  5. Parks, walk ways and boating facilities will be provided to exploit tourism potential and also to protect the tanks.

v) Status of Krishna Water supply

  1. Liaison Committee Meeting held  on 19.01.2013. 

Government of Andhra Pradesh has been requested

  1. To complete rehabilitation at Uppalamadugu near Sri Kalahasthi  before June  2013 and to restore full supply.
  2. To supply water continuously @ 350 cusecs.
  3. To supply agreed quantity of 12 T.M.Cft for 2013-14 along with backlog for the year 2012-13.
  4. To curtail illegal tapping of water en-route up to zero point.
  5. Decided to form a Technical Committee to oversee and monitor all Technical matters.


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